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About US

Our Story:

Design Identity was founded in 2015 by two friends. The company was started from Fremont CA. It is a Fremont registered company. It also has remote office oversees. Founding owners have worked in startups as well as IT industry leading companies such as Facebook, Cisco, and HP. Founding owners have impacted thousands if not millions of people while working on projects in market leading companies. Now they want to help small and medium businesses with their online presence challenges.

 Our Mission:

We want to help businesses to have a better online presence. We want businesses to invest as much as they need not more. We want to educate clients so that they exactly know what they really need and what they are getting. We want business owners to keep doing what they are good at and we will take care of their website end to end.

Our explanation of Website Design and Development:

We believe that your website is reflection of your business. It is an opportunity for you to present yourself in front of your customer and let them know that you provide a best service or product for them. It is also your opportunity to build trust and make your visitor comfortable. In today’s era, probably 90% clients would visit the website before they purchase anything. Since a company’s website is contributing to a business from many corners, it needs to be done by professional who are not only technically strong but they also should be able to understand your businesses.


Our Expertise:

Design Expertise:

We have a team of expert designers who can design highly quality of designs. They do not only know how to use designing tools but they are artists as well. They knows how to convey the message in graphics context. Our designers can design highly quality of logo as well as they can design branding components. They are really good at converting ides in to visual design.

Development Expertise

We do not out source our core business. We believe that it effect significantly on quality. We want to work one to one with our customer. We know all major platform in the industry. We are expert on development technologies such as custom PHP, wordpress, opencart, financial integration, customized wordpress plugins, mobile responsive html with bootstrap.

Infrastructure Expertise

With design and development, website hosting and maintenance is necessary. Our in house systems engineers keep your website alive 24/7 while maintaining high availability. They monitor and optimized your website for maximum benefits.


Our Approach:

We believe in objective oriented deliverables. We focus on to solve the problem rather counting number of tasks we have completed. For example, one approach is to develop a website for you and justifying our work by saying that it is a nice looking look and it very color full and pretty. Moreover, it has five pages and it is also compatible on all devise such as mobile, iPad etc.

However, our approach is to solve issue that you are struggling with your website. We will study your business and your competitors and will analyze what your customs will be looking for on your website. We will also analyzed how we can better present your products or services than your competitor. We will design and development custom lead capturing   tools on your website. In sort, we will make sure that you achieve your goal of your website. If it takes one design or five or it needs to be coded in wordpress or PHP or it needs 2 pages tor 10. We will do everything that can help to achieve the goal.